Thursday, 10 May 2018


PYPX day is over!!! I feel so surprise, because PYPX day has done faster than I think. And I feel happy, because I can help people that hard to live. We helped students inVinh Tien school to learn English easier. Because they want to learn English.

My group is continuing to finish our action. We need to visit Vinh Tien school one more time to give them the resources they picked. They picked books in English and study books. They would like story books and comics to practice English with.

I appreciated to my teammates that work hard and find out important things. I appreciated Coordinating teacher that help us to organized our work. I appreciated Ms. Huong, because she organized and when we asked questions she answer to us. Also I appreciated our mentor that our mentor think hard about our action and told important things or asked question. 

In conclusion, I like what I done on PYPX presentation day. And I want to complete our group action, because I want to give resources that Vinh Tien school's students want.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Sport Day

Today we had ES Sport Day, in the morning. We had lots of competition in sport day. We had basketball, baseball, football,... And we have lots of things. We need to get in to house team and split to a group. I was in E1(Eagle 1), and I with Emma, Tam, Oliver and Jonatan. This year we didn't have running. But it was fun because this year eagle won!!!! last year eagle was third but this year eagle is first place. This year sport day fun than last year. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Guest Speaker

Yesterday grade 5 had a guest speaker, Mr.Henderson. I my PYPX group had mentor meeting, so my group went late. I only heard last part that he already done his work, Community Development and he help lots of people. He helped the school library. He send letter to America book store and highschooler bought to Mr.Henderson. Then he put the books in the book stand. Guest speaker was amazing because he had 3, 4 SDG and work. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018


Today we had PYPX group. At my PYPX group teammate send email to Ms.Thi that English teacher in Vinh Tien school. Before one of my teammates send email to Ms.Thi we check question that we say to Ms.Thi with Ms.Ronke. After that we went to our group mentor, but in our group mentor room no one is in there so we write a note and we went back to room.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Field Trip

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